About SOUL Electronics

Established in 2009, SOUL Electronics’ mission is to create quality sound designed for every lifestyle.

With significant advances in technology wherein smartphones, tablets and laptops are now able to provide premium quality sound, it is essential that headphones and speakers produce an exceptional sound experience from audio units that is intended to be heard by audiophiles for the many purposes that consumers use music whether to relax, focus, dance, exercise or to simply listen to music to better enjoy their active lifestyles.

Music is powerful and affects your mind, body and SOUL.  At SOUL, we provide the ultimate listening experience by focusing on three core elements which you will find in all SOUL headphones: Power, Clarity and Comfort.

Power. Clarity. Comfort.

POWER:  SOUL delivers signature sound quality with POWERFUL deep bass.   The power that emanates from SOUL’s headphones and speakers move you.  It inspires and gives listeners the intensity necessary to take their activities to the next level. 

CLARITY: SOUL’s signature sound quality is coupled with unmatched and pristine CLARITY of mid and high frequency ranges.   We do not sacrifice sound for bass or noise-cancellation.  Hear the words in your favorite songs and movies with clear, accurate and balanced sound, as intended to be heard and not masked by over pounding bass!  

COMFORT:  SOUL also focuses on quality in construction and comfort.  SOUL products are long lasting, provide secure fit and are durable in construction.  SOUL headphones are designed and engineered to be ultra comfortable, lightweight and ergonomically designed for satisfying long listening sessions.


SOUL is innovative and technologically advanced.  Our team stays on top of trends and constantly studies the needs and desires of consumers.  SOUL understands that consumers have different uses for their headphones.  SOUL offers consumer products that are suitable for their specific needs, and you will find POWER, CLARITY and COMFORT as core elements in all SOUL products.  With years of research by some of the audio industry's most prestigious and experienced engineers, SOUL brings you the industry’s best headphones that masterfully balance elements such as world-class noise cancellation technology, powerful SOUL signature sound quality, comfort and fashion, while allowing you to experience the full range of your music at ease.

Start the journey and find the headphone that is best for you!


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