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SOUL Electronics at the GBK Gift Lounge

A few of the cool kids on our Marketing team made their way to Beverly Hills last month to participate in the GBK Gift Lounge. It was a fantastic affair and the celebrities were plentiful. Obviously, right? Our CEO, Lan Kennedy-Davis, was featured in a video captured by Mingle Media TV Network and in this video, she highlights the Loop, Combat+ and Transform.


Little Known Fact About the Loop

SOUL Electronics Loop

...that the Loop was designed specifically for ladies?

We love the Loop. Well, yeah...of course. We love ALL of our "babies" but the Loop has a special place in our hearts. The Loop was originally designed with the ladies in mind but it turns out that the guys love the Loop as much as the ladies do. We can't blame them. Our SOUL Electronics Design Team knocked it out of the park with these headphones.

If I HAD to pick favorites, okay, who am I kidding? I could never pick favorites. Or could I? :wink:

March Madness Instagram Bracket Challenge!

March Madness promo

March Madness is right around the corner and in honor of the event that captures the attention of millions, we decided to launch our very first March Madness Bracket Challenge. Wait a second now...don't start rolling your eyes on me just yet. Unlike your office pool where you get ONE measly chance to win, our challenge gives you, not 1, not 2 but SIX chances to score big.

For each round you play, your chances of winning increases and the prizes get bigger, starting with a free pair of earphones to the final prize being our entire line of Combat Series headphones, worth more than $350!

It all starts on Instagram, so head over to our page at SOUL ELECTRONICS and follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow SOUL ELECTRONICS on Instagram
  2. Repost the SOUL Challenge picture
  3. Tag #MarchMadness and #SOULMadness in your post

Then, submit your entries at Complete details are listed along with deadlines for each bracket submission. Bookmark the Challenge page and return to submit your selections for each of the six rounds since there is no limit to how many rounds you can enter!

Good luck SOUL Nation!

SOUL Electronics at the CIAA Basketball Tournament

Pro Da'IconWe can't express how lucky we are to know some of the best musicians in the game. They've been supporting us since day one and in return, we love to support them in any way that  we can. North Carolina artist Pro da'Icon led an anti-bullying rally and performed at the CIAA Basketball Tournament  and we were honored that SOUL got to be a part of this legendary event.

With attendees in the thousands, the The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Basketball Tournament always brings in basketball fans from near and far.

Lucky winners were able to get their hands on a few pair of our limited edition and highly sought after SL series.


Pro da I'con-CIAA



Thanks again, Pro!