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Electronic House Selects SL300 For Holiday Gift Guide

26 June 2013

SOUL is listed as one of the "hottest audio products for this holiday season" according to Electronic House...

“Music listening can often be a very solitary, personal experience, which is why we like the growth in high end headphones.  They let you enjoy your music in peace, without bothering the people around you, but good ones also enhance the experience by sounding great.  The SL300 model is top of the line from SOUL by Ludacris.  They feature advanced drivers and circuitry for a balanced presentation with active noise cancellation so the world around you doesn’t intrude on your music.  The gold-plated connectors ensure a perfect connection between your headphones and your iPod.  The comfortable design of the ear cups both keeps the music isolated for the listener and eliminates the fatigue of wearing headphones.  $299″

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