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Fans Share - SOUL Surprises!

27 June 2013

You count on SOUL for the latest and greatest SOUL news, celebrity SOUL-spotting, & star-studded event pics - straight from our social editors to you.  But our favorite thing to share is what we hear from our amazing customers and fans.

People like Mesa, a nurse in Spartanburg, South Carolina who posted on our Facebook wall last month how her new SOUL headphones brought tears to her eyes:

"I don't know where to post this.  But thank you thank you for your product!  I am partially deaf and bought a pair of your headsets - SOUL has really really changed my life.  My headphones brought tears to my eyes.  Thanks sooooo much.  I use them at work.  I'm a nurse and I call the doctors on them.  They really allow me to perform my job.  Thanks good job."

Mesa is wearing her SOULs in her profile pic:  "Look my SOULs at work.  lol.  Thanks again - I feel like I can do stuff now."

Thank you for sharing!  Please click here and provide your mailing address so we can send your "SOUL Surprise".

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