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SOUL Stirring News – MTV Mixtape Daily Main Pick 1.21 Gigawatts: Back to the First Time

24 June 2013

All the fans supporting me for the past 10 years: This is for you,’ Ludacris tells Rob Markman for MTV’s Mixtape Daily 

“Ludacris may be off in Hollywood these days, but the “Fast Five” rapper-turned actor has not lost his touch with the streets.

His latest mixture, 1.21 Gigawatts: Back to the First Time, provides a reminder for those who may have forgotten about his lyrical prowess.  “The sound of the tape is strictly taking it back tot he streets, strictly taking it back to the essence,” Luda told Mixtape Daily.  “You know I been gone for two years, so I’m trying to flood the internets with music, I’m trying to flood everybody.  All the fans for the past 10 years that’s been supporting me: This is for you.”…

Please click here to read By Rob Markman’s write-up for MTV.

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